About Us

pattyPatty Vatterott, owner, has been in the horse industry her entire life.  Her passion is caring for horses and developing riders.  For many years she has traveled around the country competing and winning Championships on many different horses.  After a successful personal career training and showing, Patty turned her attention to educating new riders of all ages who share her passion for horses.  Her students have won competitions across the nation in many different divisions.  Her teaching style promotes a safe, healthy environment for horse and rider to maximize learning, retention of skills, and respect for the animals as well as an increased sense of independence and well being for the rider.
celiaCecilia Skivington, Patty’s daughter, has been training and showing with the family since childhood.  After nationwide success as a youth rider, she attended and graduated from college and returned to Sea Ridge as an instructor.  She has trained many successful horses and riders in the last 15 years.  She especially enjoys helping new riders develop skills and eventually become proficient in the sport for which they have a passion.



Reid and Associates is our in-house veterinarian.  Byron Reid and his caring and expert staff care for our horses including vaccinations and all other pertinent maintenance of our animals.  They are the premier medical facility in South Florida and are widely respected throughout the country.

Thomas Rautenbach is our in-house farrier.  With decades of experience working on many different breeds of horses, he can be called upon to work on the finest equestrian athletes anywhere.  He travels all over to shoe horses at various horse shows and we are proud to have him take care of our horses.

Our grooms are personally trained when they come to Sea Ridge so that we all work in concert.  As each horse has different and unique sensibilities, they are trained to work will all types of horse personalities.  Each horse is groomed daily and taken care of according to his or her specific needs and directions.